Roanoke city orchestra students perform on national stage

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Orchestra students from the Roanoke Valley will travel to the midwest. About 60 teens are headed to the windy city to play on a national stage, but they need a little help getting there.

Patrick Henry High School's chamber and concert orchestra groups are traveling to Chicago. They were chosen out of hundreds to perform at Orchestra Hall, a place where some professional wait their entire life to play. Even fourth-year members are pretty excited about the opportunity.

"I can't wait to play on stage in front of lots and lots of people," said Kalysta Bryant. "I've been playing forever and it's incredible this orchestra has been a crucial part of my high school experience," said Maya Ingram.
For the show of a lifetime, the teens say the early morning rehearsal playing Benjamin Britten's Simple Symphony is worth it. "It's got a lot of character, it starts off seriously and by the end, it has a really big finale. I think people are going to enjoy it," said Bryant.

Before they take off to the windy city, they've hosted several fundraisers, but still, need a little help. It's a prestigious honor and they don't want anyone to miss it. "It's really exciting to get a chance to perform at some place other than PH," said Ingram. "It's just great to go on a trip with all your friends and do something that is so important and share our love of music with everyone."

The orchestra hops on a bus to the midwest April 5th for four days." I think it will inspire a lot of kids in Ro city to go into professional music careers," said Ingram.