Roanoke couples tie the knot at the courthouse

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7)-- There are not a lot of bright colors at the Roanoke City courthouse. There's a lot of brown uniforms, and even more beige walls. The carpet is a dark grey.

But there are some bright people.

"Actually we're in a good mood everyday at the Clerks office!" corrects Brenda Hamilton, the circuit court clerk.

The office is much busier than normal, but what's outside the office is what's getting the most attention.

"It brings joy to me, it brings joy to the couple," Hamilton says, reflecting on the decorations she put out.

14 joyful couples tied the knot on the 14th of February. They were all officiated by Hamilton.

And the couples don't soon forget their officiant.

"I see couples all throughout the city, you know at Kroger, somewhere, and I'm like, "oh my gosh!" said Hamilton.

There's a simple script she follows for each one.

"Alright I'm gonna join you together now, for as much as Matthew and Virginia have consented together in marriage by exchanging vows and rings, I now pronounce that you are now husband and wife by virtue of the authority vested in me, by the commonwealth of Virginia."

The ceremonies only last a few minutes. But they're years in the making.

"I met this girl 26 years ago, this is my favorite day of my life!" said one wife.

Love. It's in the air and it's all throughout the building. Even if it doesn't look it.

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