Roanoke father-daughter duo make dog walking a costumed affair

Published: May. 18, 2020 at 6:08 PM EDT
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For many of us, walking the dog might be the only time we get out of the house.

That's the case for one Roanoke family who has wanted to make that time as dramatic as possible.

Somehow, 2020's oddities, for some, have become routine. You've got the quiet neighborhoods. The kids are home from school.

"Home I feel like gives more distractions," said Caitlyn Schulz, giggling.

The parents are working from home.

"Initially my work said we're out for two weeks," said her dad Kevin Schulz. "I said, 'Oh two weeks, that's not long!'"

And then there's the family dog, that doesn't know what to make of any of it.

"He's apparently being camera-shy now," Kevin Schulz said of their Australian Cattle Dog Coby, with his behind turned toward the camera. "He's giving you his best angle."

What's left of a once-normal routine are Coby's evening walks. And Coby's not camera-shy dad wanted to get creative.

"We've got a few old Halloween costumes hanging up, let's just wear those," Kevin Schulz recalled of the start of his scheme in mid-March.

And thus, their Covid quarantine became a costumed affair!

"I've definitely heard some laughs," he said.

Each night, Kevin and Caitlyn walk Coby in anything but dog-walking attire.

Starting with classic movie characters like Harry Potter, they've worked their way into current crowd-pleasers like Tiger King.

"And it's actually really grown from that point, dramatically I would say," he said, laughing.

Kevin, Cailtyn and Coby have taken the commitment seriously.

"This has been going on for 53 days," said Caitlyn.

They've been enjoying it, even if Coby seems perplexed.

"Some costumes when he's actually in the photos, or when we're trying to take photos, he looks embarrassed," she said.

But delight is the overwhelming response from neighbors, including friends who look for them daily and a neighbor with special needs,

who are delighted by the characters who have walked past their window.

"It's been nice, it's make us feel good," Kevin said. "We've enjoyed doing it as much as it seems people keep saying, we've actually had people say thank you to us for doing it, and that makes us want to continue doing it."

And it's delighting a family who's making quality time look different every day.

"For us," he said, "when we have to think back on 2020 and think on what happened that year, this will be a positive for us among so many negatives."

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