Roanoke groups join together in support of national strike for democracy

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Three Roanoke groups joined together Friday to support the National General Strike for Democracy. Organizers say the national strike is to stand up for America's democratic principles.

Bianca Holman/WDBJ7

Roanoke Indivisible, Women's March on Roanoke and Together We Will Roanoke came together to form Resistance Alliance. Together, they participated in the National General Strike for Democracy.

"Because a lot of people take for granted that the Constitution exist, but I don't think everyone knows what it entails and how important it is for the foundation of our democracy," Djuna Osbourne of Women's March on Roanoke said.

These volunteers put together Constitution care packages, labeling them 'the book every American should read." They delivered them to 13 little free libraries in Roanoke. The group wants people to grab one and make their way tomorrow's program called 'Ask Me Anything Symposium." Attendees will be able to ask questions lawyers and officials about the Constitution.

"I think it is a challenge to really understand all of the tenants of our Constitution, and so we want to get people more people informed and involved," Osbourne said.

The three groups finished out the day with two more service projects. One where they are collecting personal hygiene items for refugee families And two, where they host an informational meeting on the important of midterm elections this November.