Roanoke hosts public works equipment rodeo

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) There was a rodeo at the Berglund Center on Wednesday.

But this one didn't have any animals -- it was an equipment rodeo.

Equipment operators from across the Mid-Atlantic came to Roanoke today to show off their skills.

The American Public Works Association brings in the best from Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia to compete in driving equipment like a street sweeper, a backhoe, and a garbage truck.

They're tested on their timing, precision, and accuracy while driving around each course.

"They certainly need these skills in their day to day to make sure they're operating safely and efficiently," said City of Roanoke’s Director of Public Works Bob Bengtson.

Each contest has its own set of rules.

Mostly in speed and accuracy.

Winners from each one get a cash prize.