Roanoke introduces its own chalkboard wall downtown

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Roanoke is now home to its very own chalkboard wall downtown.

It's similar to Charlottesville's Free Speech Wall on their downtown mall. This one is located downtown in Century Plaza. The city's arts commission and parks and recreation have been working on the project since the spring. Artist Dan Kuehl was putting the finishing touches on the wall's frame on Monday.

Dan Kuehl, Artist, said, “We just needed a frame that went along with it to kind of call attention to it and make it look finished. At the same time it's very unfinished because there's a big blank space in the middle that's ready for all the people to come along and add their parts.”

They still have to add a box with chalk. There will be an official ribbon cutting coming up in the next week or so.