Roanoke man arraigned twice this week in two counties, separate charges

Published: Sep. 4, 2019 at 3:56 PM EDT
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A man arrested after a search of his home last week was arraigned Thursday morning in Roanoke General District Court.

Andrew Ray faces a felony charge in Roanoke County for possession of a gun by a convicted felon after his home in Catawba was searched.

Bond was set at $20,000, but the Commonwealth's Attorney appealed to Circuit Court, with bond being set at $25,000.

He has not yet posted bond on the shoplifting charge for which he was arraigned in Montgomery County Wednesday.

During court proceedings we learned a little bit more about Ray's criminal history.

Prosecutors mentioned Ray's other prior charges which included a conviction for a petit larceny and trespassing in Craig County in 2009.

Proseuctors also revealed a few new details about Ray's alleged shoplifting charge. Reading documents from law enforcement, the prosecutor said someone in a Christiansburg Walmart allegedly recognized Ray and reported seeing him steal a comforter, a detail that prosecutors said was corroborated with surveillance video.

Prosecutors also said that while searching his home, in addition to a gun, police also found marijuana.

Ray's attorney, Rob Dean, told the judge that Ray had largely led a quieter life after marrying his wife. He called Ray's wife to the stand, where the judge heard her make promises that there would be no guns or illegal substances in the home with their children. She also promised that she, and the rest of the family assembled in the courtroom, would assist in making sure Ray would complete any conditions set by the court.

After hearing both sides, the judge set bond at $25,000, requiring Ray to be subjected to frequent and random drug screenings and mandating that he is to largely stay at work and at home.


A man whose home was thoroughly searched by Virginia State Police had his first appearance in court since being taken into custody.

appeared in a Montgomery County courtroom Wednesday morning for an arraignment hearing.

Ray is facing a felony shoplifting charge in Montgomery County. According to court documents obtained by WDBJ7, police allege in the affidavit that he stole about $500 worth of goods from a Walmart.

Ray is also facing a felony charge in Roanoke County for possession of a gun by a convicted felon.

Officers descended on his home in Catawba late last week where they carried out an extensive search of Ray's property, which included digging up his front yard.

According to a criminal complaint, a felony larceny report led to a sweep of the property on Keffer Road in Catawba. Officers found marijuana and firearms.

The complaint said Ray is a convicted felon who told investigators he had taken a rifle left in his father's vehicle and moved it into the home.

According to records WDBJ7 found in Roanoke County courthouse, Ray has a criminal history that extends to at least 2012. He has convictions in Roanoke County for Petit Larceny, stemming from an original Grand Larceny charge of the Virginia Tech Center in Roanoke.

He also has convictions for several driving offenses and a drug charge in Salem, as well as a conviction for Breaking and Entering in Botetourt County, a felony. A search warrant shows Botetourt County deputies searched Ray's home several years go, after a man told police he believed Ray stole items from his father's home and was selling them at Happy's Flea Market in Roanoke City.

Ray is scheduled to be arraigned in Roanoke County Thursday morning.

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