Roanoke man recovering at home after severe beating

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ROANOKE, Va (WDBJ7) It's a question that's haunted Casey Schuyler for days: Why did you choose my father?

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Wednesday evening, her father, Randy Blankenship, came home bloodied and beaten, his cheekbones shattered, with a fracture in his skull.

"It's horrible," said Schuyler.

It's an event that defies explanation not only for her, but for Blankenship as well.

"Why would someone want to stomp a person that ain't done nothing to them, you know?" he asked.

Blankenship says Wednesday evening, he was walking to the store when a man approached him and asked for a cigarette. "I went to put my stuff down and boom, that was it," he said.

He was knocked unconscious by someone from behind. While Blankenship was out, he was beaten, but not robbed. Eventually, he woke up on the sidewalk, and staggered home.

"My daughter sees me and she was terrified. She just started screaming and hollering," said Blankenship.

He was rushed to a hospital, where x-rays showed fractures across virtually his entire face. Doctors recommended reconstructive surgery to deal with the damage.

It's a bill he's not sure he'll be able to afford. "I don't know if my Social Security is going to be able to pay for it," he said.

Roanoke City Police are investigating the case. As of Friday, no arrests have been made, and police ask anyone with information to come forward.

Back at home, the family's focus is now on healing.

"This is what he has to do for his nose," said Schuyler, pointing at one page in a thick packet of medical papers. Blankenship's doctors gave the family a list of what to do to care for his bruises and broken bones.

For Blankenship, he says recovery will be something he tackles "one day at a time."

And for Schuyler, looking across the porch at her father, one thing is clear. "He doesn't deserve this," she said.

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