Roanoke man walks 26 kilometers in honor of Texas victims

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Tx. (WDBJ7) -- Individuals from our area are reaching out to give encouragement to the members of First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Joshua John Fitch was welcomed back to his home church in Roanoke after a long trip.

He drove to Texas to take a giant cross to a memorial for the victims of the Nov. 5 shooting.

Fitch walked 26 kilometers, one for each life that was taken.

"it was a powerful statement of how love transcends distance and the body of Christians can come together and that somebody somewhere loves you. That is the Christian Promise, that we treat one another as we want to be treated.", Fitch said. "So they know that it is real for them in their dark hour and in their moment of need, that there was a man of God there preaching hope."

Fitch wants people in our Hometowns to send cards of encouragement to the Sutherland Springs community in Texas.