Roanoke moms create movement to promote safe gun storage

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - A group of Roanoke moms are banding together to create a movement to promote proper safe gun storage.

They say the Florida school shooting shocked them into action.

They want to spread the message of proper gun storage to avoid tragedies at home and at school.

On Thursday, a student at Cave Spring Middle School brought a loaded handgun to school.

School leaders say the student brought the gun on a dare and didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Regardless, what happened is chilling for these Roanoke moms.

"The perfect example of what we are trying to prevent," said Dustin Eshelman, a Roanoke mom.

Dustin Eshelman and Marissa Yi started a group called "One Day, One Voice".

"We wanted a unifying message that everyone could participate in," said Yi, who explained the message is the importance of safe gun storage, so kids and teens won't have easy access to guns.

It's a non-partisan, non-political message.

"Wherever you stand on gun control or politics. I think we can all agree we want to keep our kids safe," said Yi.

"We want safe gun storage to be a healthy social norm," said Eshelman.

Former teacher Catherine De Lorraine appreciates their efforts.
"There are many ways to address the situation but they are doing it right by addressing it locally and at home," she said.

One of the group's first missions is to partner with schools to send home a "Family Safety Promise" - a pledge to properly lock up all guns.

"If it raises the awareness of one family and has the potential to save one life, then we feel like that is a job well done."

The group is also planning an awareness rally March 14 and
encouraging parents to pull their kids out of school that day.

School leaders are aware of the event. A Roanoke City spokesman says if a parent pulls their kid out of school it will most likely be an excused absence.