Roanoke planning to map the hottest places in the city

Map courtesy the City of Roanoke.
Map courtesy the City of Roanoke.(WDBJ)
Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 3:20 PM EDT
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The City of Roanoke is looking for volunteers to help create a heat map of the city.

Participants will ride around the city in a car or on a bike equipped with a special sensor three times on a hot, clear day in August.

The surface temperature data collected will be sent to

and CAPA Strategies and a map showing the hottest spots around town will be made.

This will help the city figure out where it needs to plant more trees or use lighter colored building materials.

“There’s a real correlation between climate change, weather, and health. What we’re probably going to like to do is take that data and we’ll overlap it with some of the poverty data in the community, too, to see what neighborhoods may be at the highest stress level,” said Nell Boyle, Roanoke's Sustainability and Outreach Coordinator.

Roanoke is one of 13 cities across the country taking part in this project.

The city will be selecting 12 to 15 volunteers to help.

for more information about the program.

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