UPDATE: Roanoke police continue to search for 3-month-old child, with assumption that she is deceased

Published: Sep. 12, 2018 at 2:38 PM EDT
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New search warrants show Roanoke City Police are investigating another person in relation to the disappearance of Arieanna Day.

The 3-month old baby reported missing earlier this month has yet to be found.

Warrants show police have questioned and searched phone records of a relative of the baby's father - Andrew Terry.

Terry has been arrested for illegal disposal of a body.

An affidavit says he and the relative have a criminal history together - and that the relative lied to police about his interaction with Terry.

The warrant said the relative, "was very evasive answering any questions about the incident, his whereabouts and he lied about having personal or phone contact with Andrew multiple times at the time of the incident."

Police have not made any other arrests.



According to a search warrant, Andrew Christopher Terry, who was arrested in connection to the missing 3-month-old, Arieanna Day, is the father of the infant.

The warrant says Terry was on scene of the home on Hanover and had communication with the mother in the time leading up to the police report being made.

It says he was at the house on Hanover on separate occasions during the day of the police report. He was in his Black Nissan Maxima, which was the item searched.

Police took swabs from the car, shirts and carpet.

The affidavit also says “electronic communication devices” were used in reference to the missing infant before police were notified. Police are searching Terry's phone and Google account. They also requested records from the mother's Facebook accounts.


Several law enforcement agencies spent most of Thursday searching around a quiet Blacksburg neighborhood, basing their staging out of the North Fork Baptist Church.

"Oh my gosh, this little community is so small, the valley is so quiet, so anything that happens is a big deal around here," said Tracy Cranfield who lives across the street from the church.

The congregation of law enforcement at the church across from her house is a big deal.

"They've lasted all day, in and out," she said. "The rescue crews and dogs and it's just been a lot of commotion."

The group was made up of Montgomery County Deputies, Blacksburg, Roanoke and State Police, Emergency Management and other K-9 search units.

They wouldn't say where they were searching or what led them there.

But deputies did confirm it's related to the Wednesday night arrest of Andrew Christopher Terry, who is now in jail, charged with the illegal disposal of a body.

They also said it is part of a joint investigation with Roanoke City Police into the disappearance of three month old Arieanna Day, whose parents told police she was last seen Tuesday night.

The search near her home is disconcerting for Cranfield.

"I just pray for the baby to have safety or peace," she said.

But Roanoke Police said in a statement this afternoon they're operations have shifted. They're now working under the assumption that Arieanna Day is most likely dead.

With missing pieces still left in this story - the community is just waiting to learn what happens next.

"This is out of character, you know," Cranfield said of her neighborhood. "It's kind of, I mean, it's a bad situation."

Police have also not said how Terry is connected to Arieanna.


According to the Roanoke Police Department, the investigation on the missing 3-month-old, Arieanna Day is still ongoing, however, they are now operating under the assumption that Day is most likely deceased.

The police department are still working with other law enforcement resources to follow up on the information received from several people connected to this investigation.

Police say they hope that they can bring closure to this case and family.


Authorities are on scene at North Fork Baptist Church in Montgomery County.

They say it is in connection to the arrest of Andrew Christopher Terry.

Terry is charged in connection to missing 3-month-old Arieanna Day.


Officials at the Montgomery County Sheriff's office have confirmed this case is connected to that of Andrew Christopher Terry, who is charged with illegal disposal of a body.

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Police in Roanoke and Blacksburg are searching for a missing three-month-old.

Sometime on Tuesday night between 10 and 11 pm, Arieanna Day's mother told police she was taken from her home on the 1100 block of Hanover Avenue in Roanoke.

Her mother says she put the baby down to sleep.

When she went to check on her a little while later, Day was gone.

On Wednesday, Day's grandmother, Sophia Bryant, was distraught.

"Who would hurt a baby? Answer me? Who would hurt a baby?", she said.

"It's just and angel! That's all she is! So anybody see my grandbaby please reach out to me."

At a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Roanoke Police Captain Tim Jones said "There was no indication that the child was taken by force or the home was entered by force."

Police searched the neighborhood, but found nothing.

"Shocking, that's really shocking," said Diane English, who lives just a block away from where Day was taken.

"You know like me as being a mother, you know what I'm saying, that made me like "Oh lord I need to keep my doors shut. Locked."

Police say time is of the essence in a case like this.

"We have about an 18 to 24 hour window," said Capt. Jones.

But for Arieanna Day's grandmother, it's already been too long.

This is very painful for me, because I don't know if she's living, I don't know where she's at, it's painful for my family, so I'm reaching out for help," Bryant said.

Police urge anyone with information to call 911 immediately.

Police haven't issued an amber alert in this case because they do not have a description of a suspect or a suspect's vehicle.


A search is underway for a missing 3-month-old in Roanoke.

Officials said Arieanna Day was reported missing around 11:00 p.m. Tuesday night in the 1100 block of Hanover Avenue.

Day's mother told officers she put her to bed around 10:00 p.m., and when she later went to check on her she was gone.

Police said there was no sign that Day was taken by force, and called the circumstances unusual.

Police said right now this case does not meet the criteria for an Amber Alert.

Officers have searched the immediate area for Day, and Roanoke police has requested the assistance of the Blacksburg Police Department. They are expected to conducted a ground search in Blacksburg.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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