Roanoke readies for Saturday Trump visit

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Saturday, Donald Trump will be campaigning in Roanoke for the second time.

A packed house is expected at the Berglund Center for tomorrow night's Donald Trump Rally.

His second stop comes almost two months to the day since his first one at Hotel Roanoke. There, we saw hundreds of people standing in line for hours to grab a seat. The first visit was billed as a town hall, with Trump speaking for about 45 minutes before taking a few questions from the audience. This time, it's expected to be a traditional rally.

WDBJ7 spoke with our political analysts about his visit. Bob Denton says it's no surprise that Trump's coming back because we're still considered a battleground state. Harry Wilson at Roanoke College says Donald Trump is staying more on message than in the past.

Harrry Wilson, WDBJ7 Political Analyst, said, "And for him, he has to sort of walk a tightrope, because he is trying to be more on script in his campaign, but part of what's gotten his followers excited about him is he tells you what he thinks."

The rally is at 6:00 here at the Berglund Center. According to the campaign website, doors open at 3:00. You can find a link to register on our website.

Last time Trump visited town, the city says they paid almost $20 thousand dollars to secure his visit, most of it in police overtime. Tight security is expected out here again on Saturday.