Roanoke residents face damage, rescues as result of constant rain

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ROANOKE, Va (WDBJ7) It was a tense night Wednesday on Bennington Street in Roanoke, as swift water rescue crews pulled a woman from her SUV.

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Crews arrived around 9:30 to find a woman's SUV submerged nearly up to the hood. Within minutes, they and the driver were back on solid ground, unharmed.

The woman declined to be identified, but told WDBJ7 she had missed the signs saying a section of Bennington Street was closed due to high water. She kept driving, and found herself stuck.

"It's gonna be dark, it's gonna be wet, it's gonna be dangerous out there tonight, so if you don't have anywhere to be, don't go out," said Roanoke Fire/EMS Lt. Kyle Inman.

Roads closed in City of Roanoke due to flooding

According to Inman, swift water crews are expecting water levels on par with what happened when Tropical Storm Michael struck the region in 2018. As a result, extra personnel have been placed on call, to handle situations like the one on Bennington.

"You know, we'll monitor the weather, monitor the river and see what it brings," he said.

But flooding isn't the only problem. Days of constant rain have saturated the soil, toppling trees across the region.

"It's a nightmare," said Scott Foster, who not only had a tree fall and crush a neighbor's shed, but also woke up to water filling his basement.

"In 16 years, this probably tops them all," he said.

Back in Roanoke City, Kyle Inman says it isn't time for evacuations, but people in low-lying areas should be paying close attention to the weather and forecasts.

"You should kind of have an idea of what happens to your home as the river rises," he said.

Most importantly, stay home, and avoid floodwaters if you can.

"Head the warnings, stay away from the flood waters, and hopefully you won't be seeing us this evening," said Inman.

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