Roanoke unveils sculptural art series outside new Melrose Library

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - In Roanoke Friday, community leaders set aside time for art.

WDBJ7 photo

Outside the brand new Melrose Library, city dignitaries and local students took a moment to celebrate the unveiling of a sculptural series.

The work by artist Napoleon Jones-Henderson is called "Rhapsody in Knowledge." The artist incorporated the artistic inspirations of local students as part of the project.

"I thought it was pretty exciting, since like, you know, you got to meet a real-life artist and getting to work with him," said Haley Rosas, a senior at William Fleming High School. "And like, it was overall fun, because my friends were in that class with me and we were just having fun, even though we thought we weren't going to be in it, we still had fun because you know, it's exciting."

The artist says the three-piece series is meant to inspire introspection and collaboration within the community.

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