Roanoke welcomes Starr Hill Brewery to downtown area

ROANOKE, V.a (WDBJ7) Saturday Starr Hill Brewery welcomed the public to their kickoff event in Roanoke.

People came to sample some flights - some of which are exclusive to Roanoke.

Starr Hill's marketing team say they like Roanoke's music and craft beer scene and feel like they fit right in.

"Roanoke's just got you know such an energy right now with the incredible amount of growth and excitement that's coming on down here,” said the Marketing Manager, Jack Goodall. “Particularly in downtown you know we're in this really unique area with the hospital and Dr Pepper park you know the innovation corridor and all this growth just in this one little section we can be a part of is pretty amazing."

They will brew one batch a week of beers exclusive to this Roanoke location.

Part of each month's proceeds will go toward a different charity.