Roanoke will soon see electronic scooters

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - You may not have to travel to use electronic scooters anymore: they're set to come to Roanoke.

While a date is not official, the company Bolt Mobility has submitted an application, which has been approved, to bring 400 scooters to Roanoke.

The scooters will be found in several locations throughout the city.

"When they first come to Roanoke, what they'll do is place them out in what seems like logical places, but then they'll have algorithms how they run to see how people are using them to redeploy them and respond to the demand that's out there," said Chris Chittum, director of planning, building and development for the city.

Chittum said city leaders do have concerns with the scooters when it comes to the safety of motorists and pedestrians, but said the company will have to do safety demonstrations before the scooters become available.

The company Lime has also expressed interest in coming to Roanoke. You could see Lime scooters later this fall.

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