Roanoke woman celebrates 105th brithday

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) There was family, and of course there must be the singing of "Happy Birthday." And a candle on the cake.

But just the one, because 105 – well, that’s just ridiculous.

“She didn’t want a party today," says daughter Anita Mills. "So I told her we was having something, but not a party.”

That would be the birthday party for Ruth Mills, who says she’s not into parties.

“I didn’t know I was going to have it until right up to the time,” she says.

But the family gathered – including all her six surviving children – and Ruth was celebrated whether she planned it or not.

“Yeah, everybody’s been real excited," Anita says. "At church yesterday, everybody’s been going on and on about her birthday.”

It’s indeed something the whole family can celebrate – they seem to be pretty long lived.

“Yeah," Ruth says, "I had cousins that was over 100, about 100.”
“I’m 82," Anita explains, before pointing at her sister. "And she’s 84.”

And, her daughters say, Ruth’s sister lived to 103.

Which leaves a lot of folks around to help. A family member stops by for every meal to help Ruth, but ironically, she’d rather she could take care of it herself.

“That’s what I wanted for Christmas," She says, "To get so I could wait on myself.”

Maybe next year.