Roanoke's LGBT community struggles to move forward after Orlando attack

Published: Jun. 15, 2016 at 7:18 AM EDT
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People all over the world are expressing their grief for the victims of the Orlando nightclub shootings, as well as support for the LGBT community.

Leaders of the Roanoke Diversity Center Board stopped by WDBJ7 Mornin for Mornin Newsmakers to talk about how the tragedy is affecting the gay community in our hometowns.

Josh Olinger is a board member and Rodger Saunders is the board chair.

Olinger says he's coping with the help of family and friends, and encourages people to reach out to their own loved ones.

Saunders says the LGBT community has made great strides in being out more publicly in recent years, and he's hoping that will continue. He adds that he doesn't necessarily see the Orlando shooting as a gun control issue, but issues within the shooter himself.

There are resources available for those in the LGBT community if they find themselves in a crisis situation.