Roanoke's airport adds on, adjusts parking

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Roanoke's airport is getting a little face-lift - but it will affect parking.

After the airport did away with the shuttle service, Marketing Director Brad Boettcher said staff realized travelers needed something more to keep them out of the elements.

They had discontinued the shuttle because they said it wasn't used very much and became cost prohibitive.

But now construction crews are on site building a canopy for fliers walking through the lot.

The canopy will cut through the short term parking lot.

"If you're coming in and the short term parking lot looks like it's a little full," Boettcher advised, just drive around on the drive and there's another entrance to the west short term parking lot that you can use to access."

The project cost about $1 million.
Boettcher said it should be complete by March.