Robin's Hometown Holiday Helpers

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Meet Franklin County natives Floyd and Estelle Bolling. They started their happy partnership in 1964. A lot of years have passed.

Floyd doesn’t get around as well these days. Not like when he was behind the red tractor and growing everything under the sun. The huge two acre garden visible from the air means there was plenty of food to share

Estelle had many roles in the family. Her son Glen talks emotionally about her work at Mt Ivy Christian Church

“and of course, Estelle, she cleaned Mt Ivy church for over 30 some odd years. Ah one thing is for certain, they brought us up in a Christian atmosphere.”

Time is not always kind when it comes to your health.
When I read the nomination about their rich lives filled with love but needing a boost this holiday season, I really wanted to meet them. It turns out the feeling was mutual.

We started at their favorite place to shop in Bedford.

Floyd thought this was an excellent place to rest his weary legs and just watch folks drift by .stelle on the other hand, shopping list in her head only, was ready to go.

Now somewhere in her upper 70s, it was all I could do to keep up.
And I began to see how our Hometown Holiday Helper gift would be spent You see, Estelle cooks Christmas dinner for her friends and family. And this year is no exception. We got all the trimmings.
She’s even thinking ahead to New Years with a meal of Black Eyed Peas for good luck.

Pushing the cart behind Estelle, her entire focus was on preparing a great meal. Nothing extra. No gifts. It was like one of their July cookouts all over again.

Her son Glen: “They hosted quite a few dinners through the years, I think 19 in total, and Estelle did most of the cooking with over 100 attendees each year.”

Then we checked out. "We have a very special guest today – yeah, he made my day – he made my week – Christmas – she is doing her Christmas food shopping hear at Walmart. Well I’m glad to came to join us today."

"Thank you Jenny, you’re welcome sweetie. We appreciate you.
You all have a merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you.
Merry Christmas sweatheart. Thank you"

Well let’s go find Floyd. Should we do that? Yeah ok, let’s go find him.