Rockbridge County's Maury River Middle School gets Chromebooks

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY (WDBJ7) School's back. Time to remember your locker combination and head to class.

And students at Maury River Middle School are going high-tech this year.

"We feel like this so important to ready our students for the 21st Century, said Rockbridge's Instructional Technology Coordinator, Becky Bennett.

Over six-hundred Chrome Books, each with its own carrying case, one for every student here.

"I think the kids are excited," Bennett said. "Some of them may be surprised. We have new cases, new devices for the sixth and eighth graders, and the seventh graders will receive their old device with a new case for protection, so triple protection this year."

Inside, they'll use Google apps to learn about the ways they'll be expected to do business one day.

"I mean, we have online banking. A lot of your job applications are online," Bennett said. "Much of the communication once these kids leave Rockbridge County schools are going to be universities or workforce, and a good amount of communication is through mobile phones or email."

And even their parents are excited about it.

Bennett said, "I had many parents come to me on back to school night and they are very excited that their kids are coming home with devices."