Rockbridge Christmas Baskets volunteers go to work

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY (WDBJ7) The Virginia Horse Center was a busy place.

“Now we’re packing food boxes because we just cannot literally do the number of boxes we need to do on Saturday anymore,” explains Rockbridge Christmas Baskets Board Member Audrey Hawkins.

Middle and high school volunteers were pitching in to get the Rockbridge Christmas Baskets started before packing day Saturday.

The 69-year-old group is a totally independent charity.

“We raise money," says Hawkins. "We buy everything new. We buy all of the food. We buy all of the toys.”

And then they pack them up for distribution throughout Rockbridge County.

“It’s quite the operation," says Rockbridge County High School senior Jake Stephens as he moves boxes along. "But it ends up working out every year, and I think everyone enjoys doing it, which awesome. It’s a great opportunity and it’s also a little bit fun.”

“It’s a really cool process, and I think they really like it," says Davina Copsy, National Honor Society sponsor at the high school. "I think they like seeing the volume of what’s put out so they can really tell that they’re making a difference in their community instead of just at large.”

And Saturday, all are welcomed to come in, join the assembly line, and help.

“We have hundreds of people – literally four or five hundred people will show up, help us pack the boxes of food, fill up the bags of toys,” says Hawkins.

Which everyone agrees is not really work.

“I’m helping the community," says Stephens. "I love doing this, and if this is what I need to do, then I love doing it.”

Hawkins says, “Just a bunch of people working together to do the best we can to bring a Merry Christmas to everybody in the community.”