Rockbridge County SRO brings a little music in the morning

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ7) The students at Rockbridge County's Maury River Middle School got a treat as they arrived Thursday morning. The School Resource Officer gave them a little concert using a student's guitar.

Deputy Chris Norris ended up playing this morning when he found out the student didn't have a pick. He brought one he had in his desk.

"Just so happened I usually keep an extra guitar pick laying around," Norris said. "So I came in here and I got it and I took it out, and I said: Here, just let me strum on it for a little bit. And I just started picking an old song I remember from years ago, and just handed it back to him. And I look up and all these kids had started to gather around watching me, and I was like: oh, didn't realize I had an audience."

Norris has a history with music at the school, where for a while he was mentoring a guitar club for some students.