Rockbridge second graders learn at the fair

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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) Before the rides started Thursday night, Rockbridge County's second graders went to the Rockbridge Regional Fair to learn a little about agriculture.

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“We’re a rural county," explained Rockbridge County 4H Extension Agent Megan Sheets. "But we’re not so rural that these kids are coming off of farms.”

So it makes sense to come down to the fair and show them a little of what goes on in the barnyard.

“We think it’s important that these kids understand what the fair is, what the fair stands for, what we do here," Sheets said. "But also agriculture is important and they need to understand how agriculture works.”

So they got to see a sheep sheared and find out what a milking machine feels like.

“It felt weird," seven-year-old Remy Hopkins said after the experience. "It started and sucking and like pushing.”

“It felt a little strange,” agreed Emily Rose Camden, 7½.

But it wasn’t all lessons. There was some art, a place to taste Virginia apples and choose your favorite, and a bounce house

“Anybody that knows anything about a fair, it should be fun," said Sheets. "And that’s a fun component that I could plug into this to bring fun into their experience.”

“It was good,” Camden said.