Rockets take flight in Blacksburg

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) More than 150 people came out to Blacksburg for a weekend filled with rockets.Rocket enthusiast from all over Virginia and the east coast came to see the rocket fliers.

Rockets of all sizes were launched into air. The family friendly event was held at the Kentland Farm. The New River Valley Rocketry club launches rockets at least once a month. Their goal is to provide a safe environment for launches and educate the youth about STEM fields of study.

"There are some kids and kids up to my age that just get excited about it and we want to help feed that excitement. We want to give them a place where there is insurance and the right equipment. Have them have a good experience when they get introduced to the rockets," said Bob Schoner of the New River Valley Rocketry Club.

The organization plans to have another two day rocket event in the fall.