Safe Exchange Zone in Martinsville, soon to be another in Henry County

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MARTINSVILLE, Va, (WDBJ7) The Martinsville Sheriff's Office says its new Safe Exchange Zone is already helping people.

A Safe Exchange Zone is an area in a parking lot which is under surveillance at all times.

The purpose is to have a safe area to meet someone.

Usually, this means parents exchanging children with custody agreements.

Major Laura Hopkins says a man was at the zone Tuesday morning to pick up his kids.

However, with more items bought and sold online, the Sheriff's Office says it also prevents you from driving to a stranger's home.

"The world we live in today is not as safe as it used to be. However there have always been these kinds of issues and now we have the ability and the technology to provide a safe place," Martinsville Sheriff's Office Major Laura Hopkins said.

The idea came from the Bedford County Sheriff's Office which has one.

The Henry County Sheriff's Office will soon have a safe exchange zone in its parking lot as well.