Safety tips to prevent your child from drowning

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FRANKLIN Co., Va. (WDBJ7) An infant nearly lost it's life over the holiday weekend after the baby nearly drowned at Smith Mountain Lake.

Thanks to the father's quick thinking and emergency crews fast arrival, the infant survived.

The father quickly gave the child CPR and then let Smith Mountain Lake Marine Fire and Rescue take over when they arrived.

But if you can get your child into the water at an early age, you could avoid a situation like this altogether.

Parents in the pool with their children at the Franklin County Family YMCA on Tuesday all heard the news of the in infant that nearly drowned Memorial Day weekend.

“It made my heart drop because it could have ended a lot worse than it did,” said Kaya Boitnot, a mother of 3 with another on the way.

Luckily the child that found it's way into Smith Mountain Lake was only minutes away from marine volunteer fire and rescue.

“Between that and the dad's life saving efforts and our ability to to deliver oxygen from the boat, that was key,” said SML Marine Volunteer Fire and Rescue President Tom Lovegrove.

But there are things you can do to prevent this from happening to your child.

“It's not even necessarily knowing how to swim that is important, it is comfortable with the water and comfortable with general water safety,” said Franklin County Family YMCA Director of Development Andrea Fansler.

That's exactly what a number of kids in summer camp at the YMCA are getting ready to do.

“How to float, what do if you fall in, How to not panic,” says Fansler. “The younger you can start with your child, the better. Getting them involved in the water, getting in there with your kids.”

“if you have a child put the little floaters on their arms, put a life preserver on before they leave the house, set those rules up especially if they're gonna go out on a dock or their near a beach where they can enter the water,” said Lovegrove.

Prevention and protection, it's something Boitnot says is always has on her mind when she's swimming with her children.

“You never know, things happen in a blink of an eye especially with kids and water,” says Boitnot.

The YMCA provides swimming classes and private lessons.

It's become a priority in Franklin County.

The school system has worked with the YMCA to teach more than 11-hundred students to swim over the last two years.

The SML Marine Volunteer Fire and Rescue says there are three different types of CPR -- infant, child, and adult.

Luckily the father in this situation knew what do.

Smith Mountain Lake Marine Volunteer Fire and Rescue says it offers an accredited CPR program if parents are interested.