Salem Beer Mongers to take the field on Thursdays

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) You know them as the Salem Red Sox, but this season get ready to root for the Salem Beer Mongers as well.

The team has announced a temporary re-branding that will take effect on Thursdays beginning in May.

Other minor league teams have re-branded as a favorite local food, and the Red Sox decided to recognize the craft beer industry.

Allen Lawrence is the Interim General Manager.

"Going from just under 50 breweries in the state of Virginia to now over 200, we felt like the economic impact it has here locally as well as the state of Virginia, and the growth that it's shown, we felt like it made a lot of sense to focus on craft beer."

Merchandise with the Salem Beer Mongers logo will be available.

And Lawrence jokes the new name will also give Yankees fans the chance to support the Red Sox this season.