Salem City Council holds joint meeting with Roanoke Airport Commission to discuss future

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - The Salem City Council held a special joint meeting with the Roanoke Regional Airport Commission Thursday afternoon to discuss the future of the airport.

Roanoke Regional Airport Executive Director Tim Bradshaw debriefed the group with a presentation about current and future projects.

The following are current projects:

Walkway canopy, seal coat both runways, tunnel lightning replacement, consolidated rental car facility, various seal coats for roads and parking lots, runway approach obstruction survey.

The following are future projects:

Upgrade security access controls/video surveillance - $2.5 Million
Replace EMAS Runway 16 - $5 Million
Rehabilitate Taxiways - $2.2 Million
Renovate Terminal Lower Lobby - $2.5 Million

Bradshaw also discussed the average airfare for peer markets is $227 one way, the average ROA average airfare is $230 each way.

Peer markets are considered the following:

Columbus, Ga
Green Bay, WI
Lincoln, NE
Lafayette, LA
Evansville, IN
Salisbury, MD
Sioux Falls, SD
South Bend, IN
Eugene, OR

The representatives from Salem also expressed their praises and concerns for the airport at the meeting.