Salem Fair ends successful 12-day run

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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ7) The ticket booths were closed Monday morning. The corn dogs and nachos were ready to roll. And the cleanup had already begun.

One crew was tearing down and rolling up the fencing that surrounded the midway, while another loaded hot tubs onto the bed of a tractor trailer.

And that was just a fraction of the action outside the Salem Civic Center.

Wendy Delano is Salem's Director of Civic Facilities.

Although it was too early to talk about the fair's financial performance, she said other indicators point to a successful run, including a good crowd and few problems.

"And i think that having this fair here is important, because it gives the citizens a chance to come in here from all over the area.," Delano said.

"It's called the Salem Fair but this is for everyone in our region and we have people who actually plan their vacations to come to the Salem Fair. And that is amazing," she said.

The fair doesn't track attendance through direct admission, but officials estimate that approximately 300,000 people visited between July 3rd and 14th.

There's no time to waste with the clean-up.

A youth football clinic and a Salem Red Sox game are scheduled this week.