Salem at William Byrd

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VINTON, Va. (WDBJ7) The Salem Spartans lost two weeks ago for the first time in 26 regular-season games.

On Friday night, they tried to right the ship at William Byrd but were without several key players because of a MRSA infection.

We start things in the third quarter with the Terriers up 7-zip. Spartans QB Noah Beckley called his own number and ran in for the touchdown to tie it at 7.

The Spartans D got the ball back on an interception and then Beckley went to the air. He connected with Viante Tucker in the end zone for the touchdown. This thing is headed to overtime tied at 14.

Byrd wins the toss and takes the ball. The Spartans' D with the big stop on third down. So the Terriers have to settle for the field goal. It's true and Byrd was on top 17-14.

Salem's turn on offense. Beckley faked the handoff and flipped it to Riley Fox. That's your game-winner. The Spartans go on to the 20-17 win in overtime.