Salem facing flooding from the storm

SALEM, Va. (WDBJ) - Salem is another one of our hometowns that has taken a hit from the heavy rain. Flooding has forced the closure of several roads throughout the city.

WDBJ7 photo

A spokesperson for the city of Salem says it's normal for Lower Water Bridge to get flooded with water from a storm, and this storm isn't an exception. Another spot in the city that usually floods is the area around the Riverwalk apartments.

"It's kind of a known thing around here to kind of watch for it," Salem resident Ryan Dooley said. He has lived in the area for around three years.

"This is just incredible to look at, I can't believe it really," Dooley said.

Around 2 p.m. Thursday, the Roanoke River next to the apartments rose to 16 feet, as shown on a ruler laying against a tree. And Salem Fire-EMS say that was before the river even crested. The department says a barricade was put up in 2018 to keep the water from flooding around the apartment complex.

"I just hope people make it out safe, I really do, the main thing that is on my mind is people's safety and children, because this is a bad time as it is," Dooley said.

There was also flooding just off of the intersection of Wildwood Road and West Main Street on Horner Lane. The city's spokesperson says the area doesn't flood as often during storms as some parts of Salem.

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