Salem pastor preaches from church rooftop on Easter Sunday

Published: Apr. 12, 2020 at 5:44 PM EDT
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The coronavirus may have shut down church buildings, but it didn't stop some churches from still holding services. CommUNITY Church in Salem held a drive-in service - with a twist. The pastor preached from the rooftop.

While several churches are holding drive-in services this Easter, Pastor Tom McCracken wanted to be sure his drive-in service could be seen by all and heard loud and clear. That's why he preached from the roof, even though he's afraid of heights."

"I take the bible literally; Matthew says preach from the rooftop, so that's exactly what I'm going to do," Tom McCracken, senior pastor of CommUNITY Church in Salem, said.

And hundreds parked their cars in front of the church to see him. Church member Rhonda Hartman was among the crowd.

"Now, we have some wonderful services every Sunday, but this is really something," Hartman said.

Since social distancing rules were put in place, Hartman has barely been outside. But she came out to this drive-in service to celebrate Easter and see her church family.

"You miss your church family, that's why I got my little sign here," she said, holding up a sign that reads: "Love and Miss You."

She and other members watched Pastor McCracken preach the message about believing you 'can' versus you 'can't.'

"It's such a dark thing that we're going through right now with COVID going on and other circumstances, but today's services showed we can get through anything," church member Hannah Ferris said.

"Even the governor pointed out, and as did the president, it is a time of hope, a season of hope, and there is light at the end of the tunnel ... I think that's a message that the community, this world needed to hear today more than ever," McCracken said.

Hartman said, "It's great to see all of the love."

Church members said they're glad everyone could get together this Easter, even though the service looked very different than past years.

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