Scam alert: Jury duty scam in Roanoke County

ROANOKE CO., Va. (WDBJ7) The Roanoke County Sheriff's Office is warning people after they've received several complaints about a jury duty scam.

Deputy Chad Beheler says individuals are calling, claiming to be employees of the Roanoke County Sheriff’s Office, and specifically identifying him or themselves as Lt. or Major Springer. There is no such person at the sheriff’s office.

This unknown male caller is telling people they need to put money on Green Dot cards, requesting credit card information, or most recently, telling people to meet in person with cash because they missed jury duty.

The most recent call the sheriff’s office received was particularly troubling because the caller attempted to establish a time when the person on the receiving end of the scam would be away from their residence.

"They actually kept calling this person over and over trying to get a location of where they were at. And this was this Saturday, and it kind of seemed like they were just trying to figure out when this person was going to be away from their residence, because they already had the person's address,” said Deputy Chad Beheler.

If you get one of these calls, call the non-emergency line at (540) 562-3265 to report it.

If you do legitimately miss jury duty, someone from the clerk’s office will call to give you another date, or you’ll be summoned to appear in front of a judge to explain why you missed. In that case, you may be fined, but only after appearing in front of a judge.

Law enforcement is reminding people they will never call to ask for money.