Scammers targeting Virginia Tech students

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Blacksburg and Virginia Tech police departments are warning students moving back to campus of a potential scam.

The caller spoofs the law enforcement phone number and pretends to be a local officer, telling the person they could be arrested if they do not pay a fine.

It happened to a Virginia Tech student and started with a phone call from the same number as the Blacksburg Police Department.

"It was my dad who go the call. They said they were looking for me," said Li-Ting Song, her dad told them the Virginia Tech student was not there. She says the caller then hung up. When her dad called the number back, he discovered it was fake.

"They said recently people have been calling them saying why did you call me earlier and so they just assumed that someone has been spoofing their phone numbers in order to scam college students," Song said.

Both the Blacksburg and Virginia Tech Police Departments are aware of this. In some instances they say the caller asks for the student to pay a fine or face arrest. Despite what shows up on caller ID, police departments say if you're ever in doubt, call back.

"More and more we're finding that scammers are approaching people on their cell phone, on the internet, and coming across as an authority or an organization you would trust," said Mark Owczarski, the Virginia Tech spokesperson.

Li-Ting Song discovered she's not alone. She posted about the call on Facebook and received several responses back from people who have also got the call.

She's now telling her Hokie friends to be careful what information they give over the phone.

"You have to tell your fellow Hokies to protect them because it's going to happen to them too," Song said.

Both the Blacksburg and Virginia Tech Police Department tell me this scam isn't new.

Within the last day they both posted a warning on their Facebook page for students about this very issue saying they've already got reports of this scam happening now.