Search crews continue looking for missing Franklin County man

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7)-- A 56-year-old man is still missing in Franklin County. It's been three weeks since anyone has seen Keith Perdue and Sunday, crews were back out there searching the woods near his home.

Search crews are now scouring the Muddy Fork Road area in Franklin County, where 56-year-old Perdue lives. Franklin County Public Safety and Special Operations are looking for him after he was last seen February 2. His estranged wife reported him missing on February 14 when she went to check on him. He wasn't home but his cell phone and keys were inside.

"Began to search last Saturday, searched the area and then we've expanded that and brought in VDEM, Virginia Department of Emergency Management, to bring in some of their search and rescue teams to assist us in this operation," Patrick Meeks, a Captain with the Franklin County Department of Public Safety who oversees Special Operations, said.

Rob Speiden is the Search Mission Coordinator for VDEM.

"Those searchers come out and work in steep terrain and difficult conditions and dangerous conditions basically, and so it's important to have trained searchers responding in this capacity," Speiden said.

VDEM also has three K-9s out searching for Perdue.

"Searching for scent, basically for odor from any person," Speiden said.

Perdue was seen on camera at Rocky Mount Walmart on February 2 at 9:30 a.m. He was at a friend's house until 10:30 that morning. Then that night, a crash was called in, and Perdue's car was found down the road from his house.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office says two men reportedly helped Perdue get home after the wreck. Investigators are hoping those men will step forward and give more insight into the day of Perdue's disappearance.

But for now, search crews will continue looking for clues in hopes of finding Perdue.

"By having our local guys integrate with our other teams, it allows the ones that may know the terrain a little better to have a better search area," Meeks said.

Investigators say Perdue has a history of health conditions and his medications were all found in his house. The Sheriff's Office does not suspect foul play.

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