Search for buried history begins in Blacksburg

Published: Mar. 16, 2018 at 5:59 PM EDT
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The hunt is on for a time capsule believed to be buried at the site of the former Blacksburg Middle School.

Crews from Draper Aden Associates used specialized machinery Friday to scan what's underground for any signs of the capsule.

A former student tells us it was planted in 1976, alongside a tree to commemorate the nation's bicentennial celebrations.

"We'll analyze the data from the ground penetrating radar and the electromagnetic grid and look for little targets, little hotspots that might be the location of the feature," said Chris Printz, with Draper Aden Associates.

It could take a few days to process the data.

If it's found, the developers plan to move the capsule to a place that honors the history of the school.

They're considering using wood from the tree to build benches in a large construction project planned for the property.