Second amendment sanctuaries continue to grow, even as poll indicates support for gun control

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 11:55 PM EST
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Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting in Roanoke County opened with fighting words. Not just from citizens, but their elected representatives as well.

"We want the Virginia that we have, and we want to keep it," said Del. Joe McNamara (R-8th).

Del. McNamara and Del. Chris Head (R-17th) both attended the meeting. Together, they represent most of Roanoke County in the House of Delegates. And during their time at the podium, they told their constituents that the fight over gun control is just beginning.

"I think that you will find that your legislators here will do everything we can to protect the rights that were granted in our constitution," said Del. Head.

Tuesday, the board of supervisors passed their second amendment sanctuary resolution unanimously. It reaffirms the county's support for the US and Virginia Constitutions, while acknowledging the county can't do much when it comes to setting gun policy.

Most gave the resolution their full support. "Poke the sleeping bear of the gun owners of Virginia and there's a problem," said Bob Cook, a county resident.

But support wasn't universal. "The resolution is an embarrassing waste of time," said one woman.

And a new poll out Tuesday suggests statewide, many may feel the same way. The poll, from Roanoke College, shows of the roughly 600 people surveyed, 84 percent favored universal background checks, and 76 percent favored red flag laws, where a person deemed a danger can have guns confiscated.

However, the poll did find that "Virginians are more likely to say it is important to protect the right of Americans to own guns than to control gun ownership."

Officials acknowledge Tuesday's resolution is almost entirely symbolic. However, they stressed the message that it sends is important in the coming battle over gun control in Richmond.

"There have been nearly 30 counties that have taken action. And there's many, many more to come," said McNamara.

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