See If Caitlin Can: Be a Makeup Artist

ROANOKE CO., Va. (WDBJ7) We know no one does our hair for us here at WDBJ7. But what about our makeup?

Yeah, no, no one does that either. Caitlin Francis stopped by Glamhouse to See if Caitlin Can learn how to apply a face-full of makeup like a pro.

Caitlin learned how to do her makeup for work mostly by a lot of trial and error, but also by watching YouTube videos.

Madison Madden took some time to show her how to do it correctly.

“I think you have such great cheekbones, so I’d focus kind of like I said with the concealer going downward motion in an upside down triangle. You’ve got a great eye shape, so doing the darker on that lid, and then lifting as you’ll be able to see with the transition color is going to make your eyes really pop,” Madden said. “With your skin tone, your blush has a little bit of peach in it which I think is great, for under eye concealer, again you’ve got some blues and some grays which pull out, which a lot of us do, use the peach for that as well, a lot of people don’t realize that’s going to be color correcting. And then for shadows I stayed very neutral.”

But add the TV factor into the equation? And your makeup changes again.

“You’re going to try to stay away from all the shimmer shadows, on the eyes in particular, because of the lighting that’s overhead the way it’s going to hit you is actually going to close your eyes. And we all know everything looks smaller on camera, so we don’t want to do that. So matte shadows are really important,” she said.

She says the place to play with shimmer or glitter is your cheeks or through your highlighter, on your lips, or over your brows, which she says instantly gives you a lifted brow loo.

And Madden is a natural beauty, she’s also a natural talent, it’s no wonder she started her beauty business.

“I was at Virginia Tech for communications, and at the same time involved with the Miss America organization, and one thing I will give credit to them as in Miss Virginia, they really teach you how to do makeup. So at the time, my friends didn’t know how to do it, or what they were doing, so I started with that, and just grew a huge love for the industry.”

Now she’s helping Caitlin.

If you’re starting from scratch? Or if you’re trying to re-learn how to properly apply makeup. You might want to re-think your strategy.

“They should always start with their eyeshadows first. And I think that goes against everything we learn traditionally. We learn to do our foundation, and then we kind of go in these steps. But a lot of times, especially with shadows that have a lot of pigment in them, they’re going to spill over, so that’s where you see it looks like a raccoon, or something’s gone under,” Madden explains. “So I always say, play with your shadows first, get your eyes the way you want to. If anything spills you can just wipe it right off with makeup remover, and then you can do the foundations and the powders.”

And her advice for anyone, especially all of us with professions dependent on painting powder on our faces?

“It sounds so silly, but take the hour for yourself and sit down with a professional makeup artist, if you came to Glamhouse it would be myself or Jessica, she’s fantastic, but sit, it’s so worth it,” she said.

“So many people put a huge focus on image, and it is a powerful thing, and it is important, but I think really it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty.”

If you’d like to learn more from Madison Madden, or if you’re interested in visiting her day spa, Glamhouse, visit the website for more information, .