See If Caitlin Can: Be a Potter

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Steve Mitchell is in his outdoor pottery studio, throwing and centering clay for WDBJ7’s Caitlin Francis.

You can see the other kinds of pottery Mitchell’s made as he sits down to create something new.

“You know, bowls, platters, bottles where the lips are rolled over, pretty much any shape you desire, and it’s limited only by your imagination,” Steve Mitchell said.

This isn’t something that he’s done his entire life. He tried it when he was younger, picked it back up, and turned it into his retirement.

“A lot of enjoyment in my later years. It wasn’t a mistake,” he said.

Now it’s Caitlin’s turn. You can see in the video how the first attempt went.

“It’s clay you just wedge it back up and throw it again,” Mitchell said.

The second go-round went much better. You can see a bowl shape that starts forming.

“There are a hundred-something different potters in this Roanoke area, and if you’re not doing something different than everybody else, than you’re just one of them, you know?” he said.

He’s found his niche. He likes larger, wood-fired pieces, that he says are as light as a feather.

But when he and Caitlin were done on the wheel, Mitchell shows her how to put my own decorative spin on my bowl.

“You don’t want it to look like you bought it in the store,” he said. “Imperfections are what a lot of people are looking for in art.”

He suggests looking into the Brambleton Center for classes. He sells his work at galleries and home sales.