A serving of cicadas highlights Martinsville museum

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) As perennial cicadas emerge from their 17-year slumber, many people are wondering how to deal with the unusual insects.

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Ben Williams has an idea you probably haven't considered.

The Administrator of Science with the Virginia Museum of Natural History in Martinsville, Williams fried up a few for a video on the Museum's Facebook page.

"That's really not bad, that's actually pretty good," Williams said as he sampled a cicada in the video. "I mean, you batter anything and deep fry it with Old Bay and some hot sauce, it's going to be pretty tasty, but it's better than I expected."

We spoke with Williams Friday afternoon via Skype.

"People step outside and suddenly there are thousands of them all over their house. They tend to get freaked out," Williams told WDBJ7. "We get questions like 'is this going to bite me? Is this going to sting me? My dog ate a bunch is it going to get sick?' So I figured, what better way to put people's fears to rest, than to fry some up and eat them."

The post has received lots of attention, and Williams said he hopes it will encourage people to check out the rest of the content on the museum's Facebook page: Virginia Museum of Natural History Cicada Video

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