Several farm animals killed in Bedford County barn fire

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) -- The Bedford County Fire Marshal's Office is still investigating what caused this property to burn Monday night.

The Elliott family says, despite this pile of smoldering rubble, they have something to celebrate.

Just as she laid her head down to go to sleep, Meredith Elliott says she immediately jumped back out of bed. "[I] Told my husband, call 911 and my first instinct was come out to the barn because I have animals out here,” explained Elliott.

Elliott ran straight to her barn to try and save her animals -- many she had already rescued from terrible situations.

But the fire was too much for her to bear. "I just felt my skin melting and that's when I saw my pig on fire and she came running to me,” recalled Elliott.

In the barn lived: a rooster, nine baby chicks as well as BoBo and Black Sheep and their pregnant pig, Tui. "She was due at any moment and that's why I had her locked in the barn because I was trying to protect her from anything that could get her babies,” explained Elliott.

Unfortunately, Elliott couldn’t save Tui. The pregnant pig died after being severely burned by the fire.

But, the Elliott family says, there is a silver lining.

After several firefighters helped carry Tui to a truck, she delivered her piglets by an emergency C-section at a local vets office. "[There were] four babies in the sac and all four lived and we heard them start screaming and nurse came out and said 'I'm going to cry … we have four babies!'" recalled Elliott.

The Elliott family says it was a reminder that sometimes good things can come out of a bad situation.

Damages are estimated to be around $65,000, according to the Bedford Fire Department.