Several gather in Lynchburg to reconcile after 2016 election

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) You can see from recent protests that the 2016 Election was full of divisions. But some people are meeting to try and reconcile their differences.

Sara Machi/WDBJ7

Organizers say that they had the idea for a reconciliation service last summer when the political discourse really started to devolve. Now they're asking people of all faiths, all denominations and all walks of life to come together and move forward as one.

Almost 100 people gathered at a Baptist church in Lynchburg with one goal.

"We need to ask ourselves now how are we going to work together to make this country in this world a better place," Richard Bowhay, who attends the church, said.

Bowhay says as far as he knows this is the area's first reconciliation service.

"The country has probably never been more divided than it is now. And now that the election is over the campaign is done, it's time to come together and unite," Bowhay said.

With heavy sighs and some heartfelt prayer, people here say it's possible to move forward.

"It's open to everybody. We have nondenominational people from all over the area, speakers from outside the area so I hope it accomplishes its purpose," Rev. Robert Fox who traveled from Richmond said.

Organizers say the work doesn't stop here. People need to take what they learned inside the church onto the street. That might mean sitting with someone you don't know, or calling someone you know you disagree with. They say we have to remember that from here on out, we're all in this together.