Pipeline opponents turn out for FERC public session

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ROANOKE, Va. On Thursday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission held their final public session for our area in Roanoke. While this was a chance for people to give their opinion, opponents of the project held their old meeting down the hall.

FERC is meeting individually with people here. Some people say they aren't happy with that process, but FERC said it's a more efficient way for people to express their thoughts.

The pipeline is mapped to run through Lyn Williams' property. She says her family has owned land since the 1700's and one of her main concerns is the effects on the water quality.

"Most people get their water from wells or springs and therefore there is no contingency or mitigated effects that will be safe if it gets contaminated," said Williams.

Mountain Valley Pipeline says the project will provide low-cost energy and help the state economy.

Joyce Waugh is the CEO for the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce. She thinks the pipeline will make the region more attractive for businesses.

"This would sure up the capacity that currently exists in the Roanoke Valley region and would allow those companies when the time comes to grow and expand, create more jobs, and invest more in our region," said Waugh.

FERC says they will respond to all comments. They plan to have a final Environmental Impact Study by Spring of next year and a decision on the project shortly afterwards.