Sharing stories behind art work at the Taubman Museum

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Leaders at the Taubman Museum of Art are always looking for ways to engage with the community and expand its more than 2,000-piece collection.

The newest acquisition is from Mitchell Kaneff, an art collector and owner of Arkay packing.

"We've been a big fan of the community and been supporting it," said Kaneff.

Kaneff says the Taubman is an ideal location to showcase the modern pop and mixed medium art.

"In Manhattan we ran out of space and the opportunity to bring it here was great, "said Kaneff

The museum hosted a talk with Kaneff, sharing details about each- like this highly regarded piece by Chris Martin which pays homage to soul singer Isaac Hayes "It makes everything special when you hear the stories behind each art work," said Patersen.

Kaneff's collection doesn't stop here, he hopes to feature more

"At the end of the day it's all about sharing and the fact that it brought joy to my life, I'd like to see it bring joy to other people's lives. It's such a great museum," Kaneff said.