Shelor Motor Mile Owner unsure who stole safe with $600,000 inside

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Thieves stole a safe from the Shelor Motor Mile in Christiansburg which The co-owner said had $600,000 worth of goods inside.

David Hagan said whoever took the safe had an inside knowledge of the business, saying someone entered the Business Center sometime between 10:00 Saturday night and 7:00 Monday morning, but there was no sign of a break-in.

"Whoever it is, they obviously knew that there was a safe in this office that was hidden in an area," Hagan said. "They had to know our patterns of when we would or would not be here or our cleaning crews, and weekends are the busiest times for us so we can't go to the bank so obviously this was the best time."

Hagan wasn't sure if it was a current employee who took the safe but said with it weighing nearly 300 pounds, he doubts it was just one person.

Inside the safe was $560,000 worth of checks from Friday and Saturday along with $30,000 worth of cash, and some small jewelry they've acquired over several years.

The company was calling customers Monday from the weekend asking them to cancel their checks before the thieves can cash them.

Hagan is also offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to a conviction, which is right around the amount of cash stolen. He said he hoped by offering nearly the same amount, someone would turn in the thieves.

"The $30,000 worth of cash, it really does hurt your feelings," he said. "We do have insurance, but that's not the issue, we want to catch the guy that did it."

Hagan said customers who did business on the Motor Mile Friday or Saturday should call their office before stopping payment on your check and they'll answer any questions they can.

Christiansburg Police declined to comment on the investigation or how they'll go about finding the suspect.