Shentel planning Roanoke expansion

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Shentel is planning to expand its presence in the Roanoke Valley, and offer video, fiber-based internet and phone services here.

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The company is negotiating a Cable Television Franchise Agreement with the City of Roanoke. Tuesday, City Council is expected to schedule a public hearing.

The project would bring fiber to residential customers and deliver the highest speeds available.

Chris Kyle is a Shentel Vice President.

"So we will be constructing fiber to a lot of homes there, the majority of homes there in Roanoke," Kyle said Friday in a telephone interview. "And what that offers is a technology that offers the fastest speeds available today."

If City Council approves the agreement and Shentel moves forward, the new service will require a build-out period. The company says it is still developing the timetable.

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