Shoppers hit the stores for snow supplies

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Residents are thinking ahead and rushing to the stores to prep for the snow storm. Some shoppers at Home Depot are buying snow supplies before the storm hits.

A Roanoke couple felt that one shovel wasn't enough.

"Calling up this deep snow, so I think I better get another shovel and we got one, and I'm hoping she'll help me shovel, shopper Eugene Leftwich said.

But these are just two people among many who thought to hit Home Depot before the storm.

"Oh gosh it's been busy today, it doesn't come in spurts, it was spurts earlier, and I mean it was just crazy, a lot of people coming in getting the rock salt, shovels," Gabriel Hubbard, Front End Department Head at Home Depot, said.

Home Depot stocked up with snow supplies when staff heard the storm would be rolling in.

"When we heard that it was coming, we ordered a lot of rock salt, snow shovels . . . a lot of snow equipment stuff that you would use for the storm," Hubbard added.

And people are certainly buying the items.

Shopper Amer Albishah said, "We come here to buy stuff for the snow 'cuz we ready to have 4 to 8 inches soon."

Eugene Leftwhich came for a shovel but shoveling isn't all he's doing during the storm.

He said, "I like to play in the snow . . . I am going four-wheeling, I do every time we get a deep snow, I go four-wheeling."