Small business owners talk to Congress about economic recovery

Published: Jun. 11, 2020 at 5:47 PM EDT
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Small businesses like Lexington's Walkabout Outfitters are beginning to open up more.

But for them, that doesn’t mean the crisis is over.

“I foresee that this may be a time where we see a lot of small businesses just can’t make it,” said Tina Miller, Walkabout Outfitter's co-owner.

As part of the group 10,000 Small Businesses, Miller and around 2,000 other small business owners are reaching out to members of Congress to let them know about their concerns.

“It’s just vital that we try to reach out to our senators and Congressional leaders to help us out with," Miller said. "Just to talk with them, to let them know what we need, what we want.”

In the past this meant a trip to Washington, but in the age of social distancing, new ways of contact are necessary.

“They have gone ahead and done it by a Go To meeting, Like a Zoom platform,” Miller explained.

It’s not just important for the businesses themselves. Owners like Miller worry about their impact on their communities.

She said, “We really are getting this first hand look at how small businesses or businesses in general affect way more than just the beauty of employees and things like that. It’s actually affecting the whole city as the city ends up with less revenue.”

Having an opportunity to talk directly with legislators gives them some hope that help is coming.

“Makes us feel good that hey, maybe they are listening," said Miller. "Please let them listen. Please let them listen. And hopefully they are recognizing the value of small business.”

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